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She chose one of the cycles, and after messing with some of the options, she managed to work out how to adjust the settings on latest mpl studio pl studios the bike. There was even a setting to add resistance to her cycling. She started it off at the default and began to pump her legs sending the pedals spinning around and around. It was tiring exercise, but as she worked out, she felt a building endurance. The longer she pumped those pedals, the easier it seemed to get. I guess I"m just getting used to it; building up muscle memory and all t

"This time, I want to be on top, for once," she laughed gleefully as she pounced, pinning his arms off to his sides and clamping her thick thighs around his waist. With a kinky growl, she took two fistfuls of Dustin"s shirt and ripped it away, rending the fabric easily and sending asha mpl studios buttons flying and scattering across the r

Kendra shook her head. Although she had several blog entries she could have worked on before retiring, the thought of rest bleach girls nude suddenly sounded very appealing. She followed Dustin to the bedroom, changed into her sleepwear and crawled into bed beside

The two made their way to the bedroom, and their lips locked in a passionate embrace beside their bed. Dustin began guiding Kendra over to the bed and pulled his arms around her as he had many times before. Where love handles had once been on her body, he could now feel dense, rippled muscles. As he attempted to push her to the bed and crawl over her, she grabbed him suddenly by the shoulders, spun him around effortlessly and pushed him to the bed inst

"You make the cutest faces when you"re enjoying something," opined Kendra, delighting in the position of power she felt. She hadn" tiny naked girls t considered it until now, but... was Dustin shorter? Seeing him lying there like that, helpless under her grip and strength, it began to dawn on Kendra that her height had increased somewhat. Maybe not a lot, but she was maybe an inch or two tal

"Kendra, by now you have probably taken the last of the pills I"ve sent you. I hope that they"ve given you the same happiness in your life that they have given in mine. Unfortunately, I was unable to procure any more pills to send your way. The supply I"ve given you should have been enough, to keep the effects permanent and sustainable. fine nude girls Please continue to keep up with your blog. Your insights and passions for what you do are one of the highlights of my week. I"m sorry I don"t have more of the pills to leave with you, but it"s probably for the best. My life has had some new different challenges for me to overcome because of my discovery of the pills. I hope that you"ll understand. With respect and love, A

"You smell nice," she murmured drowsily as she curled up beside Dustin, cuddling closer. She was tired, but her body buzzed contentedly. It had been a good day, and for some reason, the smell of Dustin"s natural masculine musk was very appealing to

Ashli had explained in great and convincing detail how she had, at one time, been working at a pharmaceutical corporation that dealt with weight loss vitamins. According to her lengthy message, she had access to an extremely effective weight loss supplement that proved incredibly successful, but was turned down for public distribution by the FDA due to a controversy involving the way one of the ingredients was extracted. She didn"t go into much more detail than that, but Ashli insisted that the wonder drug was perfectly safe, and was what allowed her to drop over 100 lbs of weight over the course of 6 months, as well as grow healthier and stronger too. She offered to send a small bottle of the experimental drug through a courier service. Kendra hadn"t thought much of it until the day that the package containing the white bottle of yellow pills had arri

That problem was named Dustin Cabrera, and he was Kendra"s boyfriend of the last five years whom she shared a home with. Dustin was a successful businessman. He owned and operated three different restaurants in Riverside, and was in the process of negotiating the plans for a fourth to be constructed and opened close to Riverside"s sprawling downtown district. Kendra had met him after writing a favorable review of his arguably most successful restaurant, "Pizarro"s Pizzeria and Italian Bistro". Early in their relationship they had clicked nicely. The synergistic combination of food critic and restauranteur had given Kendra access to all sorts of special deals and chances to meet chefs from notable restaurants all across the state. Yet, in recent days, Dustin had begun to develop a critical attitude towards Kendra"s fondness for food, and most notably her growing wei

Kendra missed the rush of the pill-fueled workouts over the next few weeks. She still continued to grow stronger and more beautiful each and every day, but the results were much slower and more in line with realistic expectations. Kendra had no doubt that she"d continue to get bigger and stronger with every workout. Now that she was in love with the feelings that working hard had brought on, she knew it was a part of her life she wouldn"t give
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